Mission, Vision, and Values

Generous donors and members of the Legacy Society are recognized at an event.

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Every facet of what we do is guided by Baptist Homes Society’s mission, vision, and governing values.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of living for all those we serve, while uplifting one person at a time.

Our Vision

Seniors in our community will experience the most fulfilling life possible.

Our Values

Baptist Homes Society has identified seven value statements that express our organization’s core beliefs. Our value statements are as follows:


Rooted in our heritage, we are called to express Christian love for all, to be a witness to God's love, to be responsible members of our community and good stewards of all the resources which have been entrusted to us.


Combining sound fiscal management with the highest quality of services, we offer as many of our services to those in financial need as is consistent with prudent stewardship.


We are called to excellence in our service. We believe in growth that responds to current needs, anticipates the challenges of the future and enhances the basic values and character of our ministry. Every person who is a part of our family--including residents, employees, families, volunteers and visitors--is to be treated in a loving, respectful manner consistent with our Christian teachings about the special value of each individual. We strive to foster self-esteem and integrity among all members of our family.


Our high regard for Christian ethical behavior is to be reflected throughout the organization including relationships with residents, their families, employees, communities and those with whom we do business.


We affirm the right of all individuals in our communities to achieve their highest level of well-being in mind, body and spirit. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages and supports the components of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, and community.

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LifeCare Difference

Living at Providence Point involves a financial decision that preserves your assets, both now and into the future. Our community offers the flexibility of six different Entrance Fee programs to suit your lifestyle and budget, with Entrance Fees starting at $265,300 and Monthly Fees at $2,217.




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